Managing a team is a huge responsibility, and your ability to do so effectively will determine the success of your business. However, many entrepreneurs don’t have this problem.  Why?

No, it isn’t because they are incredible team leaders and have fantastic company culture. It isn’t because they offer a full benefits package and take their team on vacation every year.

These entrepreneurs actually don’t have teams under them, despite desperately needing them. Good people are very, very difficult to find and even more difficult to retain.

We at ActionCOACH recently experienced this when looking for a new office administrator, and we hope our tips “from the field” will help guide you through your talent search.

First, are you…

  • …looking for talent and passion or just an employee? We tend to find what we seek.
  • …offering an hourly rate or salary that will attract people who are serious about your industry? If you hire at $15 / hour, expect their passion and quality of work to be equivalent.
  • …using a filter on your job ads? In short, are you making sure that your application process includes specific instructions?

If you are in the business of making things, ask your applicants to create something instead of sending a cover letter. If you are a trades business, ask them to send a photo of something they built or fixed and to describe, in writing, how they accomplished it. If applicants fail to follow all instructions or deliver a worthy product, dismiss them without a second thought.

Second, is your job advertisement…

  • …posted on your website and social profiles (especially LinkedIn)?
  • …included in your monthly newsletters?
  • …referral-based? When hiring for key positions, take time to ask your network if they would recommend anyone before making your job ad available to the public.
  • …reflective of your company culture?

If you have a great team that wants to grow, show it. Hire a creative writer or shoot a short video with your phone to tell the world who, what, and why you are looking to hire. More importantly, share your heart and your brand. Passion attracts passion.