The next month can either be a time of great business and profits or of great stress and anxiety.

Which will you choose to have this season?

Many business owners I talk with look at this time of the year and say things like, “I hope this is a good season.” Do you hope that it will be? Are you waiting to see if this is going to be a good year or are you proactively doing things to be sure that this is a great finish to a great year? How do you choose to think and act this season?

If your business is and has been going great this year, then who are you sharing your success with?   A neighbor, the food pantry, a charity, a special family, your church or any of a hundred other ways to help others less well off than you.

If your business didn’t have the results that you wanted this year, are you still better off than many? You know the answer is yes.

So, who will you share a piece of your fortune with? The point here is that it is time to get you in the habit of asking yourself the following questions on a daily basis…

1. What am I grateful and thankful for today?
2. What am I happy about today?
3. Who will I share my happiness, gratitude, and thankfulness with today?

Each of us may not have more than we want and we do have more than we need.

Think about it. We each have something that we can give to others. For some, it is money; for others it is time; for yet others, it is the extra food we have stored in the cupboards or an extra warm coat or shirt in the closet that isn’t being used.

Today, tomorrow, and each day after, we each need to commit to sharing something with someone in a way that we don’t usually share. Maybe you will add an extra dollar to a tip, or volunteer to help in a clean-up project or to read a book to a child at the library or school.

Maybe you will donate $1000 to a new charity or more than your usual to a charity you always help. Maybe you will find a soldier to send a care package to or a tornado victim to shelter for a while.

Today is the day to be abundant with what you have and what you give.

Yes, this is the month of Thanksgiving and today, every day is the day of Thanksgiving.

So be grateful, be thankful, and be abundant. What a huge change will happen to our world when we each do just a little more.   What you give does come back to both you and your business.