Everyone deals with conflict at one point in their workplace, but as a manager, the way you respond to it is crucial. Ignoring conflict and allowing it to fester can disrupt your team and can create a toxic work environment. However, addressing it in a healthy way will allow your team to move past it and continue working as a cohesive group. Here are some ways that you are able to address conflict that will keep your workplace healthy:


Address the Conflict Head-on

As a leader of your team you sometimes have to perform tasks that nobody likes to do, addressing conflict is one of those actions. Allowing conflict to sit and build up will set your team back when it finally bursts- which it will. You need to address the conflict before it causes more tension between your employees.


Understand and Respect Differences

Trying to assert your authority over your team before understanding the entire situation will never help the conflict be resolved. As a manager, you need to listen to the different perspectives and respect every individuals’ input when resolving the tension. The workplace is becoming more and more diverse, so the faster you are able to master this skill, the better your team will work together in the future when conflict arises again.


Look at it Logically While Keeping Emotions in Mind

When conflict arises, emotions are generally behind a lot of the tension between people. While you still need to respect the emotions of your team, you also need to look at the situation logically. You need to find practical ways to avoid this situation and similar ones in the future, that will also allow positive emotions and teamwork to be present. Having proactive steps to avoid similar situations in the future will allow your team to work in harmony again, while also not experiencing negative emotions toward each other.