If you own a business, and you want to transition and grow the business, you must read the book Traction by Gino Wickman.  I discovered this resource and have been using it with several of my clients over the last year, and the results are amazing.  I wanted to share an overview of the Entrepreneurial Operation System (EOS) with you to encourage you to investigate this system for yourself.


If you have trouble resolving issues in your business, getting people on the same page, have varying degrees of frustration, experience a lack of accountability, suspect that people may not belong in the job they are in, or maybe don’t even belong in your business, have an unclear marketing focus and message, experience challenged communication, conduct boring or unproductive meetings, suffer from a lack of direction, loss of focus, and mediocre results, then EOS is a simple system that will help you address all of these challenges and more.


What I love about EOS and Traction is that it is simple to understand, and straightforward to implement.  I did not say it was easy!!!  This system has an uncanny ability to smoke out the problems and issues in your business and bring them to the surface.  For this system to work, you have to be willing to go to work on the issues as they come to light.

Gino presents six key areas in a business that must function well if you want a growing and thriving business.
  1.   You must have a clearly defined Vision.  The EOS provides a simple two-page planning tool that helps you answer eight key questions that will define your vision and get everyone literally on the same page.
  2.   You must surround yourself with great people in clearly defined roles that they get, want, and have the capacity to fulfill.  Traction provides a template for people organization (the accountability chart) and a tool to hold folks accountable to the company values and their role (the people analyzer).
  3.   The best leaders manage by Data.  The EOS provides a tool with instructions called the Scorecard that shows you how to develop the key leading numbers to give you the feedback to manage effectively.
  4.   EOS has a wonderful chapter on how to identify and document the Processes in your business.  For a business to grow and reproduce, the key systems in the business must be clearly documented and followed by the team.
  5.   The Traction component is probably the most neglected part of most businesses, and by requiring everyone to work off clearly defined 90-day goals called rocks, and follow a defined system of meetings called the meeting pulse, the accountability of the organization will go through the roof.  This is where problems are identified, discussed, and solved.
  6.   Finally, prioritizing and attacking the Issues that hold your company back is key.  EOS provides a simple process called IDS that will focus your team on creating solutions for the problems that all businesses face.