In the last article, we learned about how to create a clear and compelling vision in a business.   In this article, we are going to learn about building a great team.  It is the second component of the EOS, PEOPLE.  Right People.  Right Seats.

Almost every problem in a business boils down to a people issue.  I hear it all the time; “I can’t find good people”.  The fact of the matter is you get the people you deserve.  If I had an hour with you to discuss this challenge, I would ask you a couple of insightful questions.  First, I would ask you to describe the ideal person for your business.  Then I would ask you why such a person would want to work for you and your organization!  One reason I like EOS is that it gives a blueprint for a business that attracts and retains the right people, defines each person’s role and responsibility, and then provides an objective system of accountability.

So how do you determine if someone is the right person for your business?  They must embrace and display your core values.  Core values are the three to five non-negotiables (defined in your VISION) that summarize your company DNA.  For a person to fit your organization, they must embrace and display those core values.  If they do not embrace and love your values, they are not the right person for your business.  Second, how do you determine if you have a person in the right seat? GWC. Do they Get the job, Want the job, and have the Capacity to do the job?  To clearly answer these three questions, you must define the accountabilities of each job in a tool called the Accountability Chart.

Traction proposes that every thriving business have a clearly defined Accountability Chart.  At the top are two leadership positions consisting of the Visionary followed by the Integrator.  The Integrator oversees three to six department leadership positions.  These department leader positions include Marketing and Sales (1 to 2 positions), Administration (1 position), and Operations (1 to 3 positions). Under each of these leadership team positions, the rest of the organization is defined in terms of specific functional roles.  Each and every position has three to five clearly defined accountabilities, hence the designation, Accountability Chart.  The first accountability for every leadership position is LMA (Leadership, Management, Accountability).

The People component of the EOS includes a regular system of accountability using a tool called the People Analyzer.  The system is designed to provide a simple and clear communication of the requirements of each position, and a regular accountability for each person to the core values and the 3-5 accountabilities in their role.  Great people love to do a great job, and appreciate regular feedback as validation that they are doing well.  The best team members want to work around other productive great team members with the same values.

There is much more to say about the people component in a business, but hopefully this article has enlightened you to this essential aspect of creating a great business.