We have all experienced failure at one time or another, whether it was losing a little league baseball game when you were 7, or getting a 40% on your final exam in college. Failure is a scary unknown factor in our lives, because we can’t control it. It alters the way we act, the way we respond to results, the way we treat others.

A lot of times when people encounter failure, they go into a depressive state. They are angry all of their hard work didn’t pay off, they lament in the results of what could have been, they  get in their head about how they messed up, how they could have done better. It’s a ruthless cycle because it doesn’t allow room for growth.

Failure will always be a possible result in your life, however, in order to use failure to your benefit you have to accept it. You have to accept that everything you do, everything you strive for, you could fail at.It’s a challenging task, but once you accept this fact of life, you can grow from it. You shouldn’t be afraid to fail.

There is an idea of “Failing Forward” where you learn from our mistakes. Look back at the steps that you took, that others took, and see what lead you to this place- see how you missed your mark. Use those instances where you messed up to grow. Start over with a new outlook on what you can do better, where you have better way of thinking. If you let your fear of failure take over every decision, you will never leave from your current place of operation. The fear of failure will inhibit you from reaching success.

Failure is an avenue for success- if you learn from your past mistakes. Henry Ford once said, “Failure is the only opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” It is normal to make mistakes, to fail, to not be successful in all decisions, but in order to reach your goals, you need to learn from your failures.