You have Google Calendar, Outlook, and a pen-to-paper daily planner. You might even use a task manager like AsanaTrello, or Slack. This is great for your inter-office and day to day efficiency, but how are you creating and reaching your goals?

No, not the ones in your task list. Far-reaching, sweat-inducing, inspiring—do you have anything on your radar like this? We hope so.

We hope you have big dreams for your business, and we hope you define those dreams on your own terms, with the help of your team. (A.k.a. Not every business should want to “go corporate,” have multiple locations, or run big ad campaigns.)

If you are asking yourself this question, “What good is a dream if I don’t know how to make it happen?”..   Please keep reading…  because I am going to share with you our secret formula for getting big things done at work…

Here’s the formula:

D x G x L x P x A

Don’t freak out. It isn’t algebra. Instead, it’s a system we use here at Buji ActionCOACH to break our dreams and goals into steps that actually get acted on. Try looking at it this way:

Dreams x Goals x Learn x Plan x Action

Not so bad, right?  If you’re a list maker, put this list in your task manager.  (And if you’re not, do it anyway.)

  • A separate category for dreams, goals, learning, planning, and taking action.

o   These will be empty for a bit, but no worries.

  • Without censoring yourself or your team, start filling the Dreams

o   Not all of your ideas will be realistic, but don’t write them off just yet.

  • Fill the Goals category with milestones that make sense but also make you feel a little uncomfortable
  • Fill the Learning category with things you and your team would like to learn, need to learn, or want to get better at doing
  • Fill the Plan category with your ideal launch and completion dates.

o   Don’t worry, you can adjust these at the end. This exercises is meant to test your ability to put a real start date to your ideas.

  • Fill the Action category with the level of action and effort you and your team are willing to take

o   Be realistic here.  Do you currently have limited manpower?  Is your budget tight?  (maybe add “grow the budget” to your goals)

  • Now comes the through-provoking part: Pick one item – just one – from each category

o   Make sure your choices relate to each other in a way that makes senses. This isn’t a raffle, so don’t choose randomly.

Once that is complete, the next step is to use your five choices to complete these sentences:

Our dream is to ___[insert dream]_____ with the end goal of _____[insert goal]____________. We are learning __[insert learning]_________ to prepare for our launch date of _[insert plan]__________, and our next step is _[insert action]_________.

Now that sounds like an actionable plan.

Print it and post it where your team, clients, and customers can read it. This should make you nervous. If it doesn’t, your dreams and goals are too small. We know you can do this.