Being a leader is about being inspiring, sharing the vision, the why and being the keeper of your company culture.   It’s all important. But you cannot forget that management is equally important.

Management is the bridge between a great vision, and the execution of it.

My Monday mornings are filled with internal meetings from 8.30 am to noon. We start with a meeting that involves everyone on the team to celebrate wins, communicate updates and let everyone know what we are each focusing on for the week. Then we split into smaller department meetings and squeeze in a few one on ones.

We discuss with the LION format:

  • What was achieved LAST week?
  • Any ISSUES?
  • What will be achieved NEXT WEEK?

We use scoreboards to measure both activities and results.

Every quarter we do 90-day planning to set the goals and determine the key activities to achieve the goals.

Leadership is important, but that’s not all that makes a company work. Proper management of tasks, resources, and time will ensure your big picture actually gets done.