We got to see Keith Cunningham last month at our North American conference and for those that are familiar with Keith and his book ‘The Ultimate Blueprint’, you would have been introduced to Critical Driver’s.

So many of us have been only measured and managed on KPIs.   KPI’s would be found in any Sales Executives Employment Agreement (total sales expected), or the Accounts Department (total debtor days, total receivables, inventory turns), or high end CEO’s (employee retention numbers).

Keith writes ‘if you want to amp your level of sophistication and permanently change your business game, look at critical drivers as well [as KPI’s].’  He teaches us how critical drivers are just as important as KPIs.  A critical driver is what needs to be done in order to result in the KPI.  It’s the day to day activity each person needs to do to achieve their KPI.

Examples of where we introduced Critical Drivers for the business:

  1. Number of phone calls to clients from our client care team = order prompting/sales.
  2. Number of meetings with team members = moral building/culture.

Areas that you would introduce critical drivers would be problem areas within the business, and areas that are key to the success of the business.

Ensure you measure both Critical Drivers and KPI’s – they work best when done hand in hand.

For more information purchase Keith Cunningham’s book – The Ultimate Blueprint, Chapter 13 discusses the difference in greater detail.