As a small business owner, you have a specific number of employees, each one of whom has a vital role to play in the running your company. People management is a very important aspect of being a leader in a business as that helps you ascertain what each employee’s strong and weak points are.

This knowledge helps you deal with and Hire The Right People in a better way.  Every person in your organization will have a different personality and learning the behavioral types of human beings can help you communicate better with your team.

This is where personality profiling comes into the picture. It has now become an extremely beneficial business resource for customer service, sales as well as team management. Today, every company, big and small integrates one or the other form of personality profiling into their work functions.


There are four main personality types – Dominant, Influencer Stable and Complier; and this is where the acronym DISC is derived from. Each of these personalities has a distinct mix of inward, outward and people or task oriented. Today, we take a look at what these different personality types are and how you can use your understanding of these to communicate with and manage your team better.


People of this personality type are generally extroverts, outwardly focused and highly task-oriented. They are the bottom line thinkers, like to get things into gear and see them to completion. Many of these people have aggressive personalities, but are also very high achievers.

While they are extroverts, the downside to this personality type is that they are unable to build rapport and forge relationships. However, they are able to launch projects and take them forward. These traits make it very important for you to have at least a couple of dominant personalities on your team, to help you build a successful business.


This personality type is outwardly focused, but tends to largely focus on people rather than on tasks. These people can network very well and can become the center and life of the party. They are motivators and able to rally people together because they exude optimism and energy. Influencer type people do very well at cold calling, but they fall short when it comes to getting things done.


The next is the stable personality, the ‘S’ of DISC. These people are introverts but still very people oriented. The primary distinction between these and the ‘I’ personality types is that S-type people are always extremely conscious about their surroundings as well as the people around them. They are very good at supporting their team and that’s where their strength lies. The downside to this personality is that they aren’t very conducive to change. For instance, if you tell them to alter some methodology or focus a little more on doing things, they may perform inconsistently at work.


The compliance personality type is highly task oriented, inwardly focused and is generally more reserved. They pay attention to detail and are perfectionists. They love building things and analyzing data. However, their perfectionism doesn’t always help as not all of it gets out there.

Every person will be a combination of these different personality types, but one of these types will shine through more than others. When you learn to recognize these personality types, you can delegate tasks in a better way and communicate more effectively with your team.