Your team reflects what you do, daily. You are their coach, their leader, their trainer. Whatever mindset you put into your office, your team will take on that mindset and put it into their daily tasks. If you want your company to have an exciting culture where everyone is looking forward to coming back to everyday, then YOU need to project that excitement. As the CEO, you may realize that it’s your responsibility to shape your company culture, but you need to bring that off the back-burner- You need to make company culture your daily priority. 

Steve Jobs famously said ‘culture beats strategy,” but you need to take that one step further. Culture and strategy are codependent of one another. You can’t have a successful strategy without having a successful company culture, so your culture should be your strategy. 

You already have your culture, but did it just fall into place, or did you purposefully create this culture to be what you and your team want and need it to be?

New CEOs make this conscious decision daily. If you want the freshness of a New CEO and to lead your team to success, you need to be this intentional, too. You need to reshape your company culture to an environment that attracts the right team members, but also keeps them, with your company’s values.

You do this by Reinforcement, by example – by support. Find where your company is withholding the culture’s values and goals, and support your team in their actions there. Find where your company could improve their execution of the company culture, and show them – with grace – how they can become better in that area. Support them through one-on-one meetings, group events, and even just day-to-day conversations and activities. Be that example for your team – because your company culture won’t be where it needs to be if you aren’t helping it get there.

You first have to make sure your outlook is where it needs to be. Your team will follow in your footsteps, not in your words. You can’t expect them to have enthusiasm for the company if you don’t. If you’re feeling burnt out, it will show. You need to stay focused on the goal so that your energy will come from your company’s goals – not just the work you have to get done throughout the day. Your team will see the newfound motivation you give, and they will reflect that same energy to you.

Set the energy you want to see. People won’t change if you don’t.