“I Am” statements are taught as powerful, self-improvement statements that can be used in almost all aspects of life. These statements can be some of the most powerful tools used used in someone’s life if used correctly. “I Am” statements are taught in motivational classes, business training sessions, and even in the Bible. They are life-changing statements, as long as you use the correctly, and here is how:

Most people and places that teach “I Am” statements say they should be used as empowering statements in your everyday life. I’ve always been taught to read my “I Am” statements at the beginning of the day to boost my confidence for the rest of the day. This is an effective way to use the “I Am” statements, but there is a way that is even more powerful and empowering.

Kurek Ashley, a world-famous success coach, says that the “I Am” statements should be based off of things that you want to be- the goals for yourself. You look at who you want to become and make that your statement. If you want to be a multi-million dollar business owner, you would create a statement saying “I Am a multi-million dollar business owner.” With this technique, you create your own future. You make your goal your reality, whether it’s now or later. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that every thought you have will eventually create its own reality. Understanding this law will make your “I Am” statements your reality.

Now, it may seem easier said than done due to the stress and overthinking that comes with life. Wishing and wanting to be a multi-million dollar business owner is different than being one, so all the “what if” thoughts come to your mind such as “What if I fail in growing my business?” or “What if I get it to a million dollar business, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t attract anymore sales?”. The problem in both of those questions is the possibility of considering an alternative reality. The purpose of your “I Am” statements is to create your future, to create who you want to become, and when an alternate path comes in, it  brings in the possibility of your goals not happening, and who would want that? Considering the “what ifs” adds more stress of your goals not happening. Don’t let your own thoughts and fears get in the way of your dreams being a reality. If you want to be a multi-million dollar business owner, tell yourself you are a multi-million dollar business owner.